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With a hint of deep mountain indica, Amnesia Haze's typical psychedelic sativa lineage is long and mature. Expertly blended from two local strains and a hybrid, this strain is a THC powerhouse with an effect that will force even the most seasoned cannabis connoisseurs to recognise it.

When carefully dried, the thick clusters of Amnesia Haze flowers become stiff to the touch. The solid nuggets have been so well crystallised that they appear to have been gently coated in a shimmering, light-refracting caramel, flavoured with exotic cardamom, lime, marjoram and mandarin.

Amnesia Haze is highly prized for hashes and other extractions due to its excessive trichome production. The cascades of pure honey-coloured resin, at 22 % THC, are a sticky sight to behold and an unprecedented fragrant discovery when heated and crushed by twenty tonnes.


The effects are powerful, even if they are difficult to assess. An important factor is the user's experience. With this powerful strain, a marijuana beginner can experience his first green high. I can easily abuse it because it's so delicious and silky.

An experienced sativa fan will be captivated by the exceptional concentration and creative stimulation offered by this almost hallucinogenic strain. The great outdoors, with its vibrant surroundings and lively air, will draw you in. Naturally, it's highly recommended that you simply curl up on the sofa with some music and enjoy an afternoon out with friends. Or dare to dream big and bold.

Sometimes it can be quixotic and take fifteen minutes to fully activate its neurochemical effects. You may find yourself pulling on a cigarette and wondering what all the fuss is about. Then, the next moment, you're wondering how on earth you got here, like a person with amnesia. Laughing in amazement and shaking your head like a sieve.

Amnesia Haze has a euphoric citrus flavour and is fairly low in CBD. This makes it a useful strain for therapeutic purposes. The psychotropic effect of smiley refers to therapies for anxiety associated with pain, despair and PTSD.

How to induce amnesia

Outdoors: A natural affinity for long, hot days stems from its sativa-dominant ancestry. Amnesia Haze delivers more of the promise of tropical sativa genetics the closer you get to the equator. You'll get exceptional results in southern Spain, northern Australia, North Africa and northern California.

Monstrous plants with long spears of thick flower clusters, which can take twelve to fourteen weeks to fully mature, are guaranteed when seeds are planted for a full season. A well-maintained Amnesia Haze plant, when started with high quality 100 % organic soil enriched with seasonal organic supplements, will produce an abundance of fragrant buds.

Indoors, right out of the cloning cabinet, Amnesia Haze expresses the main sativa traits and tends to stretch significantly, especially in 12 to 12 hour light conditions.

Amnesia Haze prefers to be well fed, but can quickly fall into the toxic zone, as can many other sativas. Consequently, caution is advised when measuring nutrients.

When the flowers are in season, it's a real game of patience. It can take twelve weeks for the long, thin-leaved buds to open fully. Some difficult features may take twenty!

The plants are slow to develop, but when they do, they produce a satisfyingly dense, beautifully crystallised product that weighs 600 g/m² under 600 W lighting.

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