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Delicious fried doughnuts filled with apples and cinnamon and topped with a simple glaze made from just three ingredients are called apple fritters. In less than thirty minutes, you could have these delicious apple fritters on your hands. Be sure to keep a few for yourself, because if you blink, they might disappear. My sweet daughter's favourite treats are these. She's obsessed with them!

We simply can't get enough of apple recipes. But really, who can't? After all, they're constantly producing more and more mouth-watering apples. Some of our favourites are apple biscuits, apple cake, apple strudel and this recipe.

They'd be delicious with a steaming cup of coffee, wouldn't they? These delicious apple fritters are really simple to make. It will only take you thirty minutes to make them all. Your friends and family will love them. Although they can be stored for up to two days in a brown paper bag lightly covered with kitchen paper, it's best to eat them soon after cooking.


Warm, sweet apple fritters that beat the ones at your local bakery.

All-natural ingredients only, no artificial colours or preservatives.

Fry and mix quickly and easily.

You can cook the fritters in a heavy saucepan, casserole dish or deep fryer.

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