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About this hybrid variety

Growers Choice Seeds, located in the famous Humboldt County region of Northern California, is credited with the creation of Gelato 41. Progeny varieties include Sunset Sherbet, Thin Mint GSC and the ever-popular Cookies Fam.

Olive-green and violet curled leaves form an even mix within the dense heads of Gelato 41. A large number of bright orange pistils are arranged in dense clusters and the buds are held together by a gel of white trichomes and crystals.

The aroma is strong, with notes of citrus orange, pine and even mint. The taste is considerably fruitier, with an orange flavour and a pleasant finish of mint and chocolate.

The fact that this variety rarely, if ever, tests below 20 % THC contributes to its popularity. This kind of stability is really comforting, especially in light of the large number of farmers who grow Gelato 41. Many users find that this slightly indica-dominant blend works best after just two puffs. Our very satisfied reviewers say it takes two more to take off to a wonderful cerebral high. Because of its ability to relieve pain and reduce tension, this potent combination is in great demand. It's not surprising that limonene and humulene, which have been linked to reducing anti-inflammatory effects, pain and stress/anxiety, are the most widely used terpenes. extremely high user score. One of the few Indica-dominant varieties with positive ratings for pain and anxiety relief, this tasty hybrid is also claimed to reduce user hunger. For users who manage their calorie intake, this strain is an excellent option. The ability to focus with hazy euphoria is another stated benefit of its potency, which was fantastic news for reviewers with attention deficit disorder! Gelato 41, a potent hybrid that appears to have a sativa dominant, has recently become very popular due to excellent reviews of its benefits on pain and mood. Today, a large number of growers cultivate marijuana and dispensaries across the country sell it.

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