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Another excellent local hash, British Columbia-grown AAA+ Rolex cannabis is used to process hashish. Consumers may find that many hashes made in the country deviate from standard hashes. This is because the majority of domestic hash is compressed under extreme heat to produce a soft, user-friendly and durable end product. Freshly picked and frozen indica flowers are the starting point for the work of hash artists. From there, the frozen THC trichomes are extracted, separated from unwanted plant matter, pressed and stamped with a quality assurance seal. After that, these bricks of pure THC are dried in cool, ideal circumstances to create stronger, earthier flavours and a more delicate, smoother smoke experience. The terpene profile of many well-known West Coast strains, including BC Kush, Master Kush and Rockstar, is comparable to that of Rolex Hash. Hash experts will note the unusually high concentration of caryophyllene terpenes, which add a spicy touch and floral undertones.

Hash definition

The trichomes or resin glands of the cannabis plant make up kief. This is essentially a pure THC concentrate that has been isolated from other plant material. The trichome resin glands of the cannabis plant, which produce THC, separate from the plant material itself to produce hash. To create hash, or 'hashish' as some may call it, the pure THC or kief is then often heated and pressed into a brick shape. Our top-quality Afghani. There's no doubt that hashish is of the highest calibre.

How to switch on a hash

There are countless ways to use hash. The simplest and most beneficial way to consume hash is to 'top it off' or sprinkle a small amount in your bong or pipe bowls, or combine it with your joints, and then simply relax!

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