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consequences of continuous use When cocaine is used over an extended period, side effects can occur. even between sessions of use. These include nosebleeds, sinus problems, internal nasal lesions and suspicious, paranoid thoughts. This can lead to psychotic breaks > aggression.

(voices, hallucinations, delusions and imaginary objects). smoking crack. how to get cocaine. has particular long-term consequences. It can lead to: > breathlessness > a persistent cough > chest pains

duration of effects during use The approach taken to determine the speed at which effects appear. Less than a minute for snorting, injecting or smoking, and lasting around one to three hours. dependence Over time, using cocaine on an almost daily or daily basis causes physical and psychological changes in the body. Regular use of the drug causes the body to adapt to it or 'get used to it'. We call this tolerance.

To achieve the same results, tolerant people need higher doses of the drug. However, increasing the dose also increases the risk of negative side effects. Overconsumption leading to a lack of control is the hallmark of addiction.

Drug addicts think a lot about drugs during their waking hours. acquiring, using and recovering from drug use. It is difficult for addicts to reduce or stop their drug use. even when they are aware of the problems associated with their drug use.

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The main extreme pleasure sought by cocaine users is euphoria, a unique form of intense pleasure. People who become addicted to cocaine do so mainly because it produces a pleasurable sensation similar to the brain stimulation felt after achieving a real goal.

Under the influence of cocaine, our customers can feel superior to others and feel better about themselves than they usually do. This is sometimes called grandiosity. Individuals with low self-esteem or those in contexts where a higher degree of confidence is desired, such as artists, may find this cocaine effect particularly appealing.

Another attractive consequence of cocaine is that users may experience an increase in energy and sociability when high. This could make cocaine attractive to those who are shy, suffer from social anxiety or lack the motivation to get out and do things, especially if their sluggishness is caused by depression.

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