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This sample had a brown tinge and a dark gold colour, which is usually an indication of remnants of plant material in the hash. This batch appears to have been sieved for drying purposes; it had the consistency of huge sand granules (as opposed to microplaned or freeze-dried sand). For optimum drying, we suggest smaller granules. The absence of trichome heads and/or terpenes was indicated by the dryness of the resin and the lack of fat when stored at room temperature. Using a jeweller's loupe to examine the sample revealed that it contained plant heads and debris as well as a significant amount of trichome stems. This indicates the existence of plant material. Most likely, these contents were either from a second or third wash, or had simply been heavily stirred throughout the extraction process. The sample had a chalky, brown appearance when expelled, revealing visible plant material.


The initial smell of the product was not particularly strong. The sample smelt mainly of citrus with a subtle orange undertone. The aroma before pressing can be characterised as orange, lemony and sweet. The fragrance could be compared to a light orange essential oil. Underlying hazy fragrances with traditional musky and sweet undertones were present. It can be seen that after pressing, the fragrance did not become noticeably stronger.


There were citrus notes in the taste and fragrance, suggesting the presence of limonene terpenes. Not surprisingly, the sample had a weak flavour, as trichome heads store terpenes and the sample contained fewer trichome heads than the stems and other plant material. It smelt of oranges and tangerines, but the flavour was rather refreshing with a citrus tinge. It was expected that after dabbing a fingernail, the end of the dab would taste like burnt plant material due to the high concentration of plant material in the sample.

This sample was stamped on a titanium nail after it had been expelled. The mild smoke indicated that the hash had been given sufficient drying time before being sold. The hash just bubbled a little and then burnt the nail black and brown, indicating that it was not particularly melting. Instead of dabbing, we suggest using this sample as rosin material or to line bowls or rolls because of the amount of plant material left on the nail after dabbing.


In terms of bubble hash, the consequences were really minimal. The sample didn't specify the raw material, but given its milder flavour and strength, it was probably made from dry rubbish. The typical sativa buzz behind the eyes is felt immediately as the effects work in the head. Tangie's cut was a sativa hybrid that gave users a slight tingling sensation all over the body. before it was sold. The hash just bubbled a bit and then burnt the nail black and brown, indicating that it wasn't particularly melting. We recommend applying this addition to the head due to the amount of plant material still remaining on the nail after dabbing. The sample produced an extremely useful effect, ideal for continuing to be productive and reasonably lucid. We think this product would be fantastic for those who want inspiration throughout the day to stay productive and positive, even though we're not medical specialists.

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